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The forest is the world's most important natural resource and will play a key role in creating a sustainable society and reduce the carbon dioxide emissions.
From the forest we get building material, fuel, textile, paper, plastics etc. The forest is a renewable resource, but the supply is limited and we must always strive to optimize its use and quality. Since 1989, Dasa has been working with optimizing the value of the forest and today we specialise in intelligent systems for forestry harvesting machine control, information management and communication.

Dasa offers several different measuring and control systems for manufacturers of forest machines and harvesting heads, as well as software for logging administration that targets logging organizations.

Dasa creates sustainable value in the forest.

Our products

The product family Forester offers an integrated system solution that manages the entire information flow from logging planning in the office, via the harvester and forwarder, to reporting production and operating data.

Forester H-series for harvesters are available in three different variants; Forester H70, H60 and H50. The H70 and H60 models fully support StanForD 2010 and the very intuitive and easy to use Forester H50 model enables productive forest harvesting when StanForD 2010 reporting is not required. All models use the same logic and control units, making it easy for harvester machine or processing head OEMs to offer all Forester variants with minimum number of different physical parts.

Forester F-series for forwarders offers a system solution that streamlines the timber flow from the harvesting site to the industry.

In addition to the Forester system, we also offer other bucking control systems for various applications and needs which are gathered under the product family name d5Bucking system.