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D5Bucking Prio C

Dasa d5Bucking is a product family consisting of complete measuring and control systems for controlling the logging process in a harvester. In the product family there are three levels of bucking functionality:

- d5Bucking, a PC-based system with support for value optimisation bucking
- d5Bucking Prio, a PC-based system with support for priority bucking
- d5Bucking Prio C, compact system without PC with support for simpler priority

The mobile Windows-based PC, named dxPC, is a robust computer unit protected by a durable aluminum housing designed for the demanding environment of heavy machines. The computer can be built with a 12-inch color display with touch functions, where the computer is attached to the back of the display.
The display and computer can also be mounted separately, up to 3 meters apart, which makes it possible to adapt the installation to different cabs and environments.

Optimize the value of the forest

  • Priority bucking, optimizing the value by prioritizing by length and diameter classes.
  • Bucking instructions can be created or edited directly in the system or imported from an USB memory stick. It is possible to purchase a PC software for administration of bucking instruction files at the office.
  • Production reporting are stored in three separate registers and for up to five operators. Each register can be reset individually.
  • Production data can be presented directly in the system or exported as a tab-separated file to a USB memory stick.
  • Diameter calibration with a parameter that is easy to understand and use. Length calibration with separate calibration of butt logs and other logs.