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Forester F30

The forwarder computer F30 is easy to use and designed to facilitate the daily work of the forwarder driver. The Forester F30 makes the timber flow more efficient between the harvesting site and the industry receiving the harvested logs. The F30 program receives logging data from the harvester which is used for optimizing the driving route and to secure that all logs are taken care of.

All functions in F30 for quality assurance, control, production reporting and operational follow-up are designed according to StanForD 2010.
StanForD is a global standard recommended by the forestry industry and is used by most leading forest machine manufacturers.

For professional forwarders

Via a guide in Forester F30 you can step by step import data from the harvester. This data is used to create and update logging contracts as the work of the forwarder progresses. The program also includes an integrated function for operation monitoring.
The possibility to use dual displays gives the driver the possibility to switch between off-road driving and loading. The integration with the machine control system makes Forester F30 a complete system for professional forwarders.


  • Bucking data can be imported from a production file according to StanForD 2010.
  • Management of sub-objects, unloading locations and delivery objects.
  • Production registration; per logging contract, weighing systems with registration of load weights, continuous display of assortment and volumes, GPS support for unloading.
  • Operation monitoring; calculation and presentation of key indicators for utilization, downtime and repairs.
  • Monitoring state and time concepts according to StanForD 2010.
  • Reports; export of StanFord 2010 reports and presentation of production data directly in the system.
  • Possibility to connect to the telematics service, Dasa Connect.