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Forester H50

Forester H50 is a robust and easy-to-use measuring and control system for controlling the harvesting process. The user interface is modern and easy to navigate. The H50 interface is based on the same technology as in a smartphone.

Forester H50 is perfect for harvester head manufacturers and for retrofitting on an existing carrier machine, for example an excavator.

Efficient logging

The software is designed so it’s easy to use both during configuration and operation. The display is small and easy to mount in a compact cab. The user interface is modern and easy to navigate. By remote connection a service technician can connect to the machine to assist with troubleshooting and settings. In Forester H50 the machine/head manufacturer can customize the design and functions in the user interface. The bucking system can be integrated with Dasa's machine control and telematics systems which gives the advantage of having a fully integrated system, utilizing the full potential of each system.


  • Priority bucking, where by prioritizing length and diameter classes you are getting the desired bucking result.
  • Support for several harvesting objects.
  • Bucking instructions are created/dited either directly in the machine or by import/export. There is also possibilities to use more advanced bucking features such as bark function, volume type and product management.
  • Driver management, production reporting, calibration and backup are other practical functions.
  • Remote support is possible by connecting the machine via an existing internet connection (which may already be in the machine), a separate modem (optional) or the operator's mobile phone. This enables a service technician to assist with troubleshooting and settings remotely, without being physically present at the machine.