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Forester H70 och H60

Forester H70/H60 has a user-friendly and efficient interface designed to be operated exclusively with the system's touch screen. The operator has a good overview and always sees how the harvesting progresses. Settings and other functions in the system are accessed via the main menu with a logical and intuitive navigation.

All Forester H70 and H60 functions for quality assurance, control, production reporting and operational follow-up are designed according to StanForD 2010 but also support previous versions of StanForD.

Meet the future with Dasa Forester

Forester is an open system for manufacturers of forest machines and harvesting heads. Forester offers an integrated system solution that manages the entire information flow from logging planning in the office, via the harvester and forwarder, to reporting of production and operating data.

The Forester H70/H60/F30's functions for quality assurance, control, production reporting and operational monitoring are designed according to StanForD 2010, but they also support previous versions. StanForD is a global standard recommended by the forestry industry and used by most leading forest machine manufacturers.

A competent and complete system

Forester H70/H60 is a highly competent bucking system for measuring, controlling, monitoring and administrate the production process in a forest harvester. The system supports production registration, operation monitoring and online communication. Machine settings and control data of the base machine can be integrated into the interface, forming a complete solution.

Communication and exchanging data

With its modern PC environment, Forester smoothly communicates with all normal network services. Forester integrates with the base machine’s control system via Ethernet or CAN bus and all data for the telematic service is stored in the system's SQL database.

Unique solution for each harvester head

Forester is flexible and can be easily adapted for each type of harvester head.
The customization of the control program is made by a built-in standard tool, which supports IEC 61131-3 programming. The result is a unique control system that brings out the best of each harvester head.