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Forester Office

The forest is the world's most important natural resource and will play a key role in creating a sustainable society and reduce the carbon dioxide emissions. From the forest we get building material, fuel, textile, paper, plastics replacements etc. The forest is a renewable resource, but the supply is limited and we must always strive to optimize its use and quality. Since 1989 Dasa has been working with optimizing the value of the forest and today we specialize in intelligent systems for forestry harvesting machine control, information management and communication.

With ForesterOffice you get a flexible and easy to use software for administration of bucking instructions. ForesterOffice supports the latest version of StanForD 2010. ForesterOffice is developed in close cooperation with Swedish forest companies such as Södra Skogsägarna, Mellanskog, Vida, Norrskog and Derome.

Dasa creates sustainable value in the forest.

Administration of bucking instructions for harvesters

Creating and editing price lists per individual assortment;
A price list can be created as a row price list, matrix price list or a combination of both. ForesterOffice generates *.PIN or *.APM files which can be used together with the bucking instructions to create the control list for the harvester.

Create and edit bucking instructions for harvesters;
In ForesterOffice one can create logging contracts, product instructions and assortment instructions and it’s possible to make full use of all controlling parameters available in StanForD 2010. The parameters can be exported to the harvester as individual files or as envelopes.