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Electrification of mobile work machines offers great opportunities, not only in terms of reducing fuel consumption, but can also provide great drivability and application benefits. The latter argument may not be thought of as much at times.
Furthermore, a strong movement is now taking place among both authorities and private companies that procure jobs to be carried out by work machines, that they must be either fully electric or at least hybrid-driven where (usually) a diesel engine is supplemented by an electric motor.

Strategic cooperation

Dasa has a strategic partnership with the German company STW, which has more than twenty years of experience working with electrification of mobile machines.
In addition to its solid expertise, STW also has a broad portfolio of components, modules and development tools to support the transformation of conventional diesel-powered work machines into sustainable, efficient and safe electrically powered work machines. Depending on the application's requirements, you may have the option of making your machine fully electrically powered, if not you can with the help of electrification go down a size or two on the diesel engine that powers the machine today.

The combined competence between STW and Dasa creates very interesting opportunities in the field of electric drivelines and subsystems, intelligent control systems and intuitive operator environments, all the way up to cloud-based services.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a first, unconditional discussion on the possibilities of electrification and what they can do in your machine(s) and your applications. Below you will find an overview of some of the areas and building blocks that we can help you with.


In powerMELA you will find a broad portfolio of components for electrified machines and associated equipment. The term ecosystem in this case means that STW combines in-house developed components with those that come from other manufacturers, which means that the breadth of what we can offer you expands.

You can get help with safe, compact battery systems, electric motors, power transmission, electricity distribution, high-efficiency control units and electrical systems as well as communication solutions.

In powerMELA you will find an open, flexible and modular ecosystem of customizable buildingblocks for your "green" machines!