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Battery Management System

Customer-specific and standardized Lithium-Ion batteries provide efficient energy storage in modern electric drive systems. The powerMELA-mBMS battery management system fits perfectly with the powerMELA product family and supports a variety of popular cell types within the Lithium-Ion family; LFP, NMC and LTO. It covers all electrical functions; from the sensors to status monitoring of the energy storage, from cell balancing to self-diagnosis of the electronics and insulation protection.

BMS (Battery Main Supervisor) is a central control unit in the battery system. The BMS collects all information from the sensor modules and from the power monitoring card, calculates the status of the battery system and controls the high voltage Contacts. The modular system kit mBMS provides all the necessary battery management and safety features, from conceptual prototype systems to industrial scale solutions. mBMS can be adapted just to your requirements on the battery system, both in terms of function and safety.



Battery Management System with signal generation and monitoring, isolation monitoring, adaptive pre-charge, intelligent contactor control, battery cooling management, voltage supply with 8-32 VDC, 4 x CAN 2.0 B, CAN Wakeup, 3 x 2 A digital output, 1 x analog input.



Power Measurement Board, current measurement up to 2000 A, voltage measurement up to 800 V, powered by BMS, 1 x CAN 2.0 B, 3 inputs for high voltage measurement



Cell Sensor Circuit; voltage and temperature measurement in cells, cell balancing, driven by BMS and the battery cells, 1 x CAN 2.0 B, 48 x inputs for cell voltage measurement, 16 x inputs for temperature sensors (10k NTC)