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Energy Distribution and System Safety

The product family within this category includes components that simply make the high voltage system in a mobile work machine safe. They interconnect and monitor the system.

A so-called Brake Chopper, the powerMELA-BC, monitors the high voltage network and protects it from overvoltage. It is often used as an electric brake/retarder, i.e. electronic braking in mobile machines. The braking power of the powerMELA brake chopper can be tailored to the requirements of a specific customer application and united with other STW Components (inverter, insulation monitor, power distribution unit etc) in a single housing as a modular power system unit (HV PDU). The switching module (HV KM) ensures safe input and output in high voltage systems with high power.


Brake Chopper

Insulation protection that can also be configured for
50 kW continuous braking effect. 650-800 VDC nominal voltage. Maximum power 500 kW and protection class IP6k9k. Can be controlled via 2 CAN buses. Weight 53 kg.


Connection Box

Distribution unit for 6 x HV DC, up to 70 mm² single conductor. Protection class IP6k9k


Coupling Module

Coupling module for high voltage with a pre-charge unit. 700 VDC and 230 A nominal, discharge to safe voltage <2 seconds. Check for safe on/off. Protection class IP6k9k. AEF contact and ISOBUS support for agricultural machinery.