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For demanding applications in heavy machines, powerful and safe control systems are required. Performance and functional safety are important whether you are designing a complete machine control system or if you are to control a subsystem or an attachment. The control modules in Dasa DRIVE cover a wide range of needs, from compact controllers for the smaller machine or attachment to an expandable, scalable system for the larger professional machines.

The controllers in DRIVE are designed with respect to the highest demands in reliability, modularity and long availability. We believe in openness, which also applies to the development tools and programming languages ​​we use. In this way you will not be stuck in a proprietary and closed system, where you will not be as flexible to meet future demands for functional growth and new technologies.

Below you will find an overview of the mobile controllers we work with, covering all needs from Functional Safety (SIL2 / PLd) requirements to less demanding applications.


Smart and safe

In system design, it is important to carefully consider and analyze which system architecture is most suitable for the machine in question and its applications. Should you optimize on cost or on flexibility and scalability, maybe the answer lies somewhere in between?

In addition to the question of centralized vs. decentralized system architecture, the question is whether there are any additional requirements for Functional Safety. Here, in addition to choosing the right controller for the task, it is important to review your development process and which functions are subject to special consideration in the implementation in the application software.

Regardless of which strategy is needed in your case, the team at Dasa will be happy to help you with both competence and the right modules for the purpose.



Ethernet gateway for mobile applications;
For decentralized system architectures, this unit is a perfect building block. The dESX-4CS-GW is designed as a communication hub between different networks in the professional mobile machine. In addition to the 6 CAN interfaces, there is a configurable 4-port Ethernet switch that enables flexible, scalable and innovative vehicle architectures. Supports Functional Safety applications (SIL2 / PLd).



New compact 32-bit controller; The dESX-3CS is designed for use in small mobile work machines or where a separate subsystem is required on / for a larger machine. With its 16 inputs and 14 outputs, the dESX 3CS is a new member of the control family with a 32-bit TriCore processor architecture and it is very cost effective. Supports Functional Safety applications (SIL2 / PLd).



An expandable 32-bit controller; The basic configuration has 28 inputs and 24 outputs, but through expansion cards, this power plant can be expanded to handle another 136 inputs/outputs in one package. In total, the device can handle up to 6 different expansion modules for a flexible configuration according to your system requirements, whether you need to control different brands of hydraulic valves, incremental encoders, motor bridges or need a communication interface. dESX 3XL also supports Functional Safety applications (SIL2 / PLd).



An expandable 32-bit controller; 'Little brother' to
dESX 3XL and has as basic configuration 15 inputs and 8 outputs. Through up to 3 expansion cards, the dESX 3XM can also be expanded further, here to handle 65 extra inputs/outputs under the same shell. If you do not want to maximize the number of inputs/outputs in the unit, you choose only one of the other cards that match your individual needs. dESX 3XM also supports Functional Safety applications (SIL2 / PLd).



A 32-bit controller with the most common inputs and outputs included in the package; The configuration of the dESX 3CM matches most application requirements to control a mobile work machine. A total of 56 analogue and digital inputs/outputs for sensors and actuators can be flexibly configured for ambitious, cost-effective control systems.



An extremely compact and flexible 16-bit controller; With its small footprint, the dC26 is a very compact and cost-optimized control unit. With up to 26 configurable inputs/outputs, the dC26 offers a capable all-in-one package where you can quickly build a control system with minimal effort and where you can easily find space for installing it in your machine!



A family of expansion modules; With these, you can customize the controller to suit your needs. For the dESX 3XL and the dESX 3XM there are various expansion modules that can be built into the same housing as the base controller. Whether you want to increase the number of inputs / outputs (digital or analog), control Danfoss valves, have multiple frequency inputs, motor bridges for slightly larger currents, a communication interface or even customize an expansion card to suit your unique needs, you can find it here with us.