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Electronic Control Systems are today a matter of fact in professional machines.
The electronic systems are intelligent and can improve control precision, reduce fuel consumption and handle complex control tasks that are practically impossible to do with other technologies.

While the control systems have rapidly gained an increasing role in the machines,
the development of the interface with the operator has lagged. In many machines, there are still discrete instruments and physical controls that can limit operating functions and what information can be displayed. Some have displays as part of the instrumentation, but few have fully exploited the potential offered by the new display technology.

What we call Smart Dashboard is a philosophy where you use several available techniques and serve it to the user in an efficient and well-adapted manner.

Smart dashboard

Today's needs are not just isolated to a machine-based system for controlling the machine and its applications, but a system with extensive communication and all the remote services one can normally access from a connected machine.
In this complex environment, the requirements to quickly adapt the operating environment to different operators also increase in terms of language, comfort, machine configurations or operating situations as defined by the applications.

Smart Dashboard is simply about creating an intuitive and consistent environment for the operator, where relevant information is presented in the right way and at the right time. We will be more than happy to talk more with you about how this can look and function in your machines and applications.


dDI4T, 4,3” with Touch

This cost-effective operator panel has a 4.3” picture area with 480 x 272 pixels and can also be offered in a design without touch. This panel is a lightweight in one aspect, it weighs less than 1kg, but in all other aspects you get a lot of technology for a small investment.


dDI4S, 4,3” with Softkeys

dDI4S offers you all the possibilities of the T-model,
but with additional useful features. The softkey model enables the implementation of different user interfaces with ease. The unit includes an encoder, eight soft keys and three hard keys with perfect tactile feel.


dDI7T, 7” with Touch

dDI7T is the first choice for complex HMI (Human Machine Interface) that will handle a variety of information. The unit offers a crisp, high resolution 7” display of 800x600 pixels with exquisite image quality, ensuring clear and intuitive use in any case. The dDI7T can be mounted either horizontally or vertically and we can supply it either as standalone or for installation in an instrument panel.


dDI7S, 7” with Softkeys

The difference lies in the sum of all the details.
Where the functions of dDI7T are not enough, there is always a "big brother" at hand: dDI7S. Here you get access to a high-speed USB 2.0 input, twelve soft keys and three hard keys with perfect tactile feel, as well as a multi-color LED and a standard LED for immediate visual indication to the operator of any errors that might have occurred. This model can also be supplied either as standalone or for installation in an instrument panel.


dDI12T, 12,1" with Touch

In the dDI12T a number of exciting tecnologies are integrated into one single unit, where maximum performance and sophisticated design meet.
The dDI12T is operated solely via the large 12,1” touch screen with a resolution of 1280x880 pixels.
This is a product that meet most of what you can think of regarding premium operator displays. The top choice for highly demanding HMI (Human Machine Interface) that shall manage a multitude of information.


dDI12S, 12,1” with Softkeys

The dDI12S sets a new standard. Its high-resolution 12.1” touch screen with 1280x880 pixels and aluminum casing gives the model a high-class, modern look that can be applied in any professional machine.
dDI12S offers eight soft keys, four hard keys and a rotatable encoder. Like other models in the dDI series, this can be configured for different functions and connections in line with the needs you have in your machine application.



The dVSX series is an HMI solution with full support for Functional Safety (SIL2), when the highest application requirements are required. In the family there are three different sizes in 4:3-format consisting of the 8”, 10” and 12” models, plus one in 15:9-format which is the 10” wide model. The dVSX panels are designed and
built to work safely and perfectly in the toughest environments and applications. An intuitive programming tool with built-in "widgets" for HMI elements and control functions of all kinds makes it easy to design this premium HMI and control panel for safety-critical display systems.