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Intelligent electrical systems

In the automotive world the term "body control module" or "vehicle body control unit" is used as a general name for automation units that handle control, monitoring and diagnostics of electronic components or electrical loads in a vehicle. Such a unit is performing specific tasks in the vehicle, but in mobile working machines the tasks and actions are even more varying and indivudal. In order to meet these special demands, we are presenting the intelligent and flexible dBCX system.


Our dBCX system

The dBCX system-kit is based on standardised housings (in sizes medium or large, open or waterproof), a generic controller (taken from the dESX-series) and a passive board. Depending on actual requirements, the passive board can be in either a standard configuration or adapted to customer/machine specific demands. It contains relays, fuses and different connections, but can also be equipped with intelligence/logic and expanded functionality.

The various possibilities that the dBCX-series offers is a range from simple relay/fuse central to an intelligent, freely programmable controller with integrated electrical system functionality. It is also possible within the same housing to integrate advanced functionality such as remote control or condition monitoring.

The dBCX-units within DRIVE is designed with regards to the highest requirements on reliability, modularity and long service life.

Below please find an overview on the different modules we offer within modern, intelligent electrical systems for professional working machines.

Smart and safe

The dBCX-series is a modular system-kit that flexibly can be tailored to your specific needs within smart and intelligent electrical systems. With the dBCX modules you cover everything from passive relay and fuse boards to active and intelligent electrical system solutions where you can integrate with your control system functionality (PLC). The modules are connected to the machine’s CAN bus network. This is a very interesting set of modules in decentralised and integrated machine architectures!


dBCX 3C, an intelligent 32-bit Tricore-based control unit

With the dBCX 3C you get, in one and the same housing, a programmable (IEC61131-3 or C, Matlab-integration possible) controller that also contain your passive electrical components. It can be delivered in two different housings, as medium or large. The large version can accomodate up to 40 fuses, 10 relays,
20 multi-functional input plus controlling 25 PWM outputs. There is a multitude of in-/outputs, interfaces and applications that this one super unit can handle!


dBCX IO, a 32-bit I/O-unit

This extremely flexible I/O-unit for use in intelligent electrical systems is a powerful extension to the logical functionality in the dBCX 3C (or to the other controllers in the dESX-series), where it offers up to 40 fuses,
10 relays, 20 multi-functional input plus controlling
5 PWM outputs. In addition, it offers 4 digital inputs,
4 wake-up inputs and 1 (slave) CAN interface!


dBCX PB, a passive relay/fuse board

This unit houses the passive electrical components and can accomodate up to 40 fuses and 11 relays.