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System Lifecycle Support

Functional evolution and additions are more or less a constant requirement in mobile working machines, and it must also be realised in a controlled and safe way. Specifications, design guidelines, functional safety and product documentation must regularly be managed and updated. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly important to have a tool that manages the system architecture and supports continuous development and maintenance during the product’s/system’s entire life cycle.

Life Cycle

The term life cycle is referred to the chain from system design, implementation, validation, homologation, software loading at the production line to service and maintenance in the field.

In the system design/-implementation phase, requirements analysis, system definition, programming and debugging are done. Validation and homolagation means visualisation of the entire system, parameter setting, logging and test. When the new system (product) is ready for production effective and safe tools are needed to load the correct software into the right machine. Here it is important with a tool that not only handles versions of the software per machine, but also the different variants of the software depending on the equipment and functionality that the specific customer ordered machine shall contain.

Once the system/machine is in the field the very important service and maintenance phase starts. Here it is very important with effective and well thought through tools for diagnosis and software updates. Naturally, fault tracing and error correction shall be possible both locally and remotely in a safe way, such that downtime can be restricted to an absolute minimum. 

The development and maintenance tool openSYDE in Drive is designed with open interfaces, user friendliness and the machine’s lifecycle perspective in focus. The machine/system meets many stakeholders during its lifecycle, ranging from development engineers, production personnel to service technicians and trainers. They all have different needs and are working with different tools and software packages, which means that you need a tool that in itself can work well for each stakeholder, but also interact openly with various external systems and tools.

This is what openSYDE does.


Smart and safe

Do not only think about development! Focus on your system’s funcionality and needs from a stakeholder and lifecycle perspective. openSYDE is a framework and a tool for design, implementation, analysis, maintenance and documentation of functions and software modules in control systems for professional mobile working machines. openSYDE stands out with its open approach; open, customisable interfaces to, for example, requirements management tools and even integration of third party control system units. It is not mandatory or necessary that everything comes from the same source, be it the hardware or the software/tools you use in your product development process.

The team at Dasa gladly support you with competence, tools and the right modules from a lifecycle perspective for your specific machines and needs. 




openSYDE, a development tool with a lifecycle perspective; openSYDE is based on open source code and offers defined interfaces to software tools from third parties, who are linked to openSYDE through a defined XML based interface.
Via the same XML interface, you can also integrate hardware modules from other vendors in order to manage your complete system in one tool. You get a user-friendly, intuitive and consistent tool throughout the complete product lifecycle. Naturally openSYDE is supporting projects for safety applications (Functional Safety).