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Collecting and visualizing data from connected devices provides a powerful opportunity to add business and customer value to a variety of stakeholders such as machine manufacturers (OEMs), dealers, owners, operators, site managers and service providers.

This is made possible by a stable and efficient remote connection together with a cloud-based service application to deliver business value adapted to the different primary stakeholder groups.

Each machine performs a series of work steps and is part of a larger system,
which can be analyzed and streamlined. Machine utilization, production, service and maintenance are areas that can be followed up remotely and optimized.

Telematics/IoT from Dasa means going from just recording data to having a focus on visualization, analysis and decision support. Within the family name Dasa Connect, we have gathered our offering to enable intelligent, connected machines and services.

Dasa Connect - measure, visualize and follow up!

What is Dasa CONNECT

Dasa Connect is an IoT/Telematics solution for vehicles and machines. The solution facilitates follow-up of a vehicle fleet, i.e. fleet management, and presents information, which provides the basis for seeing patterns and drawing conclusions that improve productivity. Dasa Connect helps the various stakeholders in a machine system to focus on the information that is important for the individual user. The owner of a machine fleet gets help with following up the economy by measuring productivity, fuel consumption and downtime. The service technician gets help with error codes and alarms as well as service planning by keeping track of time to service in real time together with error logs stored in the system. Dasa Connect also offers a proxy connection, which is a direct connection to the machine's control system in order to remotely support the machine in real time.




Dasa Connect Gateway (dCGW) with LTE/3G/GSM Internet Connection. The unit features internal GPS, 4-port Ethernet Contact and Wi-Fi.



Dasa Telematics Expansion Module (dTEM) is an expansion module that complements dCGW.
Low-power node for maintaining a state of constant standby and as necessary, waking other parts of a control system. The unit has I/O suitable for theft protection, remote locking etc.



Dasa Telematics Multiple Antenna (dTMA) is designed for dCGW to provide the best possible reception.
dTMA has 2 LTE-antennas, 2 Wi-Fi antennas and 1 GPS antenna in the same enclosure.