Smart Electrial Systems

BCX 3C, efficient safeguarding, distribution and diagnosis of power within the smallest possible space and with minimum installation effort.

About BCX 3C (1729-00)

The BCX product family is responsible for the safeguarding, distribution, switching and control of electrical energy in a vehicle. In addition to the safeguarding of the individual power circuits, larger loads including lights, lamps, air conditioning systems and heating systems can be directly activated or controlled. Depending on the expansion stage, the BCX 3C can be integrated into the CANbus network of the vehicle.  A further advantage is generated through the implementation of customer-specific software. This makes it possible to interlink inputs and outputs through software according to individual requirements. The connections to peripherals take place via robust connectors suitable for mobile use. Users receive function and cost-optimized solutions featuring field-tested technology through standard solutions, but also through customer-specific designs and production. Benefits of using the BCX 3C: The cable harnesses in the vehicle are substantially reduced and can be more flexible in design. Simple and fast installation due to clear and compact assemblies without special tools (e.g. crimping pliers). Installation possible without preliminary know-how. Simple error diagnosis on defective components. Substantial reduction of interfaces. Ideal for adverse ambient conditions (vibration, temperature etc). Problem-free expansion of the system due to its modular construction and compatibility with STW components. Supply of completely-equipped central electrics incl. circuit boards printed to requirements (connector marking, torque etc.)

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Modular construction kit based on a mechanical platform and a generic control platform Flexible programming in C and CODESYS V3.5 IEC61131 Compliance with standards for the automotive, agricultural and construction machinery industries Error diagnostics Monitoring of relays, fuses and consumers in the on-board network. Less wiring effort

TriCore TC 1798 32bit, 300MHz 288 kB SRAM internal 8 MB SDRAM external 4 MB Flash internal 32 kB EEPROM 4 CAN interfaces, 1 RS232 interface, 1 RS485 interface and 1 Ethernet interface 36 inputs 74 outputs

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